Meditation Experiences


What happens when you see someone else's third eye but you see gold, orange, red, and black pupil?

—Michelle, United States


Michelle, that’s a very unusual experience and question! Let me understand this: you are there present with another person, perhaps talking to her, and while looking at her at the point between the eyebrows, you see these colors as if the pupil of an eye? Or, does this occur during your own meditation? (If during meditation, I assume you see an image of another person and you see this same phenomenon at his or her spiritual eye center?)

Well, whether or not it is YOUR “spiritual eye” or another’s, it is generally the case that the colors, shapes and other aspects of what you are seeing do not, in themselves, convey a particular or specific “message” beyond a corroboration that you are able to sensitively see aspects of the astral body or world.

The astral body and the astral world in which it functions and which is the prototype for the material cosmos, body, and all created things is always present with us. Our five senses, products of the physical body, brain, and nervous system, only are sensitive to a narrow bandwidth of vibration and cycles. Science confirms this in its discovery of a far greater spectrum of rays that are detectable through sensitive equipment but which are not detectable by our human body. (Animals, e.g. dogs, can hear beyond our range of hearing or seeing.)

Some people are sensitive to astral vibrations even though they have no interest in spiritual matters or spiritual growth. Thus “seeing” these things is no indication of one’s spiritual stature and care should be taken not to interpret this otherwise. Patanjali, in the famous Yoga Sutras, says simply that astral perceptions can be focal points for concentration for concentation leads to unity and integration of consciousness (eventually samadhi). But by themselves they have no special meaning.

The spiritual eye as frequently described is a phenomenon particular to the construction of the human body with our highly developed nervous system designed to allow the soul to manifest itself. The colors of the SPE are rays of light from the astral and causal worlds (and body) with the five-pointed star in the middle being, as it were, a beam of divine light from beyond all creation through the channel known as the brahmanadi. It is typical that one sees other astral lights before the spiritual eye comes into focus, but there really isn’t any “typical” pattern to its manifestation.

The spiritual eye is not dependent on seeking it or believing in it. It simply is seen (perhaps when it wants to be?). By deeper, guru-given meditation, however, its appearance is hastened though one can not force it by will power.

I’ll end with some humorous “advice” which I hope you don’t mind: “Stay out of other people’s spiritual eye(s)!”

Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA