Meditation Experiences


for a few days when i meditate and even when i dont, i feel a sensation in the navel.previously this area used to throb on the spine along with the others, but now it feels like the navel itself strongly throbs,or gets pulled inside or something like a door being open there. and automatically i forget focusing on the kutastha and do that on the navel instead .the sensation is highly pleasurable, but i dont know why it happens or if it is good or bad.the root chakra gets stimullated as well. help

—pupai, India


Dear Friend,

A sensation this strong could be something physical in the body. You may wish to consult a doctor. You indicate that the sensation is pleasurable. Let us just say, for now, that this experience is coming from your meditation (since I am not a doctor and we don’t give medical advice!).

Is meditation new to you? Since I do not know the answer to that question, I’ll simply address the possibility that this energy pulsation comes from your chakra and astral body.

It is possible that the third chakra is being stimulated by your meditation practice and then in turn stimulating the root chakra. The fact that it pleasurable AND that it distracts your concentration at the kutastha. Here are some things to try:

1. Continue your meditation technique(s) and practice as you’ve been taught.

2. When or if this sensation begins to distract you, allow your attention to be re-directed to the navel for a few minutes. Sit with the sensation without judging or indulging, just observe it.

3. When you feel calm with it slowly begin to invite or draw the energy upward from the navel chakra (manipura) first to the heart. Let the energy settle in the heart for a brief time.

4. Then continue to gently coax the energy further up, chakra by chakra, to the Kutastha.

5. Remain at the kutastha for as long as you can or until the energy in the lower chakras begins to fade.

There are more concentrated chakra techniques I could describe but it would take much longer than a simple email. Let me say, for now, that you could spend more time at each chakra, beginning at the heart center (chanting AUM, for example), throat, medulla, kutastha.

You could also synchronize your inhalation with mentally drawing and cooling the energy up from the navel center upwards to the Kutastha. (Just let the exhalation happen naturally but keep using repeating the inhalation technique for several minutes.)

It is important to gently re-direct the energy upwards but DO NOT FORCE it. If it threatens to overwhelm you, stop your meditation and do some stretches or chant mantra or pray to God or guru. Very likely, unless it is a medical issue, it is nothing to be concerned about and will very likely go away if you work with it calmly and sensitively.

ok? Blessings to you!

Nayaswami Hriman

Seattle WA USA