Meditation practice



Sometimes it ist very hard to meditate. Many thoughts are going throu my mind. Sometimes I don't know what exercise is the next, when I am doing the Energization Exercises. Would it be helpful to do the Yoga Postures and what postures would be useful?

Thank you for your answer.

—Thomas, Germany


Dear Thomas,

Your questions show that you are serious about going deep into meditation. The mind is everyone’s problem as it does wander and will until we are so focused on the goal of our meditation that our minds cannot take over. If your goal is to find God and become absorbed in Him, do your meditations with Him in mind and keep Him in mind throughout the day. Talk with Him; ask Him questions. He knows everything anyway, so why not open yourself to Him. He wants our love only.

The Energization Exercises help as they raise your energy so that you can be focused. Crystal has aids to help you learn these exercises. Especially helpful is the video that you can do with the practitioner.

Try the different postures described in the book, Art and Science of Raja Yoga. This book will help you find the postures that will bring you into a state of calmness and receptivity to meditation. The Ananda Yoga method of yoga postures is mainly for calming the mind and body so that you become relaxed and open to God’s grace.

Bless you in your practices, Seva