Meditation Technique vs. True Meditation



I am Deepak and I am doing deep breathing meditation from the last one and half month. But now my eyes automatically starts focusing on my midpoint of eyebrows and then I forget to focus on my breathing.

I want to know is it okay or I started doing meditation in wrong way. why do I forget my breathing while focusing on third eye?

—Deepak Singh, India


Dear Deepak,

There are countless teachings concerning meditation. I will answer you from the teachings of Yogananda and Kriyananda.

Deep breathing is not yet meditation, but a pranayama. In other words, it is a technique, not meditation. Yogananda taught that after having practiced the technique for some time, you drop it and concentrate on the spiritual eye, to contact the Divine Presence, which can be felt within or without. This is meditation.

Fortunately this real meditation has happened to you spontaneously — you may consider yourself fortunate. So from now on, do your breathing technique, but then, when it occurs naturally, look at the spiritual eye and meditate on “God or one of his aspects,” as Yogananda explained. This real meditation should last for not less than a third or fourth of your available time.

So why did you forget your breathing while focusing on the third eye? Because your wise soul took over and guided you from the technique to meditation.

Yogananda taught: “To strive for God-contact in meditation is pure joy.” May you be blessed with that joy!

In divine friendship,