Movement During Meditation


When I meditate, sitting upright in chin mudra my body is forcibly pushed backwards after 10- 15 minutes to assume a savasana pose with chin mudra in place. Subsequently, my head and neck start moving clockwise and counter clockwise continuously with occasional body movements. I feel good after the meditation and feel like I am intoxicated and sometimes feel like I cannot walk straight. I follow strict akhanda Bramacharya. Is there a cause for concern? My manasika guru is Swami Shivananda.

—Chidambaram Venkateswaran, India


This is a great question on refining your meditation and your sincere search for God! Firstly, it is important to be relaxed during your meditation practices. Practicing yoga postures can help to relax the body and release tension. Holding the body still with deep calmness but not suppressing the energy is the key. You have generated a great deal of energy with your dedicated practice. That is wonderful! Akhanda Bramacharya can be helpful if it stills your body and the blessing of a Manasika guru is greatest of all gifts.

The movement you describe can be a distraction that will prevent you from lifting your energy to the spiritual eye. It is more important to focus your energy at the point between the eyebrows, gently and with control, and not let the movement take over. As you sit, check your body for tension, some movement may begin but always take this energy within the deep spine and then upward and that movement should cease. You don’t want the movement to be a distraction and dissipate your upward flow of energy. This energy brought to the spiritual eye will be accompanied by joy and peace.

So, going into meditation without tension, and with attention, hold the gaze inward with eyes closed at the point between the eyebrows, these will be the most helpful for you.

Not knowing what type of meditation you practice, these points may begin to help you understand a way to avoid outward movement and help the inward movement of energy. At Ananda, we practice the meditation techniques as given thru the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda and on our website is an online meditation class you can view.

Most important is to invite God into your meditation with love and gratitude asking for His guidance and blessings on your meditation and your life. He will always respond to the sincere prayers of His devotees.

Many Blessings on your efforts.