Movement During Meditation


Hi, when I sit and meditate I wiggle or sway a bit from side to side. Not very violently but I feel like it’s in the rhythm of my heart beat and it originates from my saccral bone. I don’t have to be in deep mediation for it to occur. It’s enough with just sitting. What can the causes be?

—Julia, Poland


Dear Julia,

Sometimes we have physical movement while we meditate, which can be for various reasons. The important thing is to avoid being distracted by it thus putting attention on the movement rather than concentrating at the spiritual eye. The movement could be releasing of some physical tension. It could be some movement of the spinal energies such as kundalini. Various experiences can come to us in meditation. When experiences come turn your attention even more deeply inward and upward to the point between the eyebrows to lift that energy and offer it into the Infinite. A central aspect of meditation is to offer everything that we are into the divine Presence.

Many blessings on your meditation practice.

Nayaswami Mukti