My Challenges Are Becoming Too Much. Can I Pray For Peace and Harmony in My Life?


As much as I embody positivity, strength, persistence and drive, I’m also met with challenges. Challenges can be fun, but I’m tired of them. Divine and Guru support me fully in all these, but still the effort is mine. Effort is essential, and I make it. But I don’t think I can be pushing against the tide always. How do I pray for a smooth sail, full of peace and harmony, or is it too much to ask for, given I’m a human with my karmas to work out? In stormy times, where to find the perfect umbrella?

—Pooja, Japan


Dear Pooja,

Yes, our challenges at times can seem too much.They are, however, never too much, but can certainly seem so. Often the Divine pushes us to our limits to grow.

So if your challenges come uninvited, again and again, take them as a grace to make you even stronger. Try to overcome all with the help of the Divine. Face the challenges as a channel of the Divine Power or of your Guru, not doing everything with your own effort, and you will be stronger.

Then you may address the Divine in your prayers: “Please give me a little break, I really need it.”

If you are a devotee (which you are), you are in good hands: maybe you will receive that desired time of peace and harmony. In that case, enjoy.

But maybe it won’t come. In that case you need to learn something, and God is trying to teach you, to push you there.

Try to find out what that is. It can be to develop even greater strength, or becoming a channel for becoming stronger, but it could also be changing your attitude, if your attitude is what provokes these challenges.

For example, if you project peace and harmony out to the world, to people, in your thoughts, feeling, and energy, then harmony will come back to you. If however your energy is, for example, competitive and judging (even if it is hidden), harsh energy will come back to you. Then this situation asks you to change your own energies and attitude.

May you understand your situation intuitively, in divine friendship,