My Connection to the Gurus of the Lineage


I have for many years considered Yogananda as my guru. I still do, but why do I have to automatically like the others and also consider them as my gurus? Yes I like them but maybe I like other saints even more Beinsa Douno.. Why can not I look at Yogananda and Beinsa Douno as my gurus? Why should it be so strict that if you believe in Yogananda then you have to like the others in that tradition and look at them as gurus? Thank u ..😊

—Jo, Norge


Dear Jo,

If you feel Yogananda is your guru but are unsure of your heart connection to the others in the lineage, I would say, let that go. Here’s an example: one who was born Jewish might not find an attraction to Jesus Christ as part of the lineage. Or, a Hindu might feel a deeper connection with Krishna but not be entirely convinced or connected to the idea that Babaji is an incarnation of Krishna. And so on. These variations and fluctuations in our attitude toward the masters are not so central as is our discipleship to Paramhansa Yogananda.

You can pray to Master to “introduce me to the lineage?” (So that I can better understand and appreciate their role and their wisdom.) I would simply encourage you not to reject or rebuff their role and contribution. After all, each of them has helped make Yogananda what he was — and indeed through them he was sent to us. So, appreciate their roles for now. When you pray, or look up at your altar, bow to them mentally in gratitude, but don’t be concerned whether or not at this or any other particular moment in time you feel a special connection to them.

The masters are human incarnations of God’s invisible presence and redeeming love. On that basis alone, therefore, be grateful for the divinity expressed through their lives, forms, and teachings. Beyond that, let Yogananda guide your life, for he is certainly in tune with the others. Okay?

Blessings to you!
Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA