My Dream About a Wolf Pack


For the past 2 weeks I keep having dreams about a wolf pack. They’re always black except one white wolf and pose no threat - comforting me in my dreams but why are they constantly in them?

—Crystal, England


Dear Crystal,

When recurring dreams happen, we can be fairly sure that there is a message trying to be given to us from a Higher Source.

The black and white wolves are, most likely, an important symbol for you to try to understand but symbols are not fixed — that is, their deeper meanings often vary for each individual. What the symbol of a wolf pack means to you may not be the same as what it might mean to me or anyone else.

If you are a regular meditator, then meditation is the best way to find out the meaning of what seems to be an important dream. At the beginning of each meditation, pray for the meaning of the symbol in your dream to be revealed to you. Then let it go and meditate as deeply as you can. At the end of your meditation, relax and feel the deep peace created in you by your meditation. That is the best time for an answer to come to you.
Prayers is talking with God — meditation is listening for the answer. If a clear answer does not come at the close of that time of meditation, then try again the next time you meditate. Sometimes an answer will come to you later, perhaps when you are least expecting it, so keep asking. When it does come, it will be very clear (quite possibly something you would never thought of on your own), obviously true, and therefore helpful to you in an important way.