My dream filled me with happiness


Hi. What does it mean if I see guru in a dream? I saw in my dream Sadhguru? He smiled and laughed. And I felt happiness even more :) It is not my first time seeing him.

—Aivar, Estonia


Dear Aivar, In Paramhansa Yogananda’s teachings about dreams, he states that most nightly dreams originate in our subconscious minds and are not generally important to analyze. However, he also says that occasionally we will have a superconscious dream, for which we should be very grateful. And he say that most especially, if you dream of your guru, you can be relatively sure that you are being greatly blessed with a superconscious dream. Another way to know if a dream is true and important is to notice how you feel after you wake up. You mention being filled with happiness — which is a very good sign, indeed! What does the dream mean? It means it is fairly certain that you have been blessed by a “Great One” and that you should try to remain uplifted in that blessing as long as possible.