My Father Treats My Family Unkindly. Now I am constantly worried.


I (married) was doing spiritually well until a problem arose in my family. My sister is getting divorced (forced into arranged marriage). My father is one who listens to everybody, except for family members and hardly earns income for the family. My mother (a housewife) is suffering a lot as my father keeps talking badly to her, as to how she spoiled her daughters, so that one is getting divorced now. My father listens to relatives who keep brainwashing him against my family. Now I am constantly worried.

—Komal Sharma, India


Dear Komal,

Try to be strong inside. Your father is not behaving correctly, if what you are saying is true. He is supposed to make his daughters strong and confident, and especially his wife, giving her respect and love and support.

This means that your father is weak inside and in addition lets himself be influenced by relatives, as you say.

This requires that you stay strong, or develop strength. Try to be kind, calm, but strong inside. Just do your best. Sometimes a calm conversation, in a appropriate moment, can help a lot: “Dad, what you are doing is not helping me at all, nor our family.”

See what and what you cannot do with him in that way.

As for your spirituality: seen through the spiritual lens, it is all for your best: you were doing spiritually well, as you say. So God decided to make you stronger, wiser, taller inwardly, and this is why he sent you this situation. It is meant for your growth. If you say “yes” to it, you are still doing well spiritually, even though it’s a difficult situation and meditations are much disturbed. It is a growing process, it is all good.

What is your lesson in all this? First of all, to overcome that worry. Do your best, with the Divine at your side. Then see what else you need to learn in all this.

God bless you, may you find the inner strength you need, remember that you are a beautiful and divine soul,