My Fears Come True


Sometimes fear lives in us, in our mind. Whenever I fear something, the majority of times it comes true. I stay away from my loved one at times because I am afraid of myself. I honestly do not know at times how to handle my thoughts and fear. I once asked a question only in thought. I got the answer. Now that happens with fear. How do I distinguish between fear, intuition and negative thought? I am also surrounded by multiple negative people at my workplace. How do I avoid absorbing their negativity for an entire day?

—SamSing, India


Dear SamSing,

Fear has attractive power. Whatever we fear we magnetically pull to us. It may also be that your fear is mixed with a degree intuition, because you meditate, or because of a certain predisposition. Anyway, true intuition always springs from calmness, not from fear. When you fear something you are in your emotions, which does not produce any real intuition.

You main goal must be to conquer that fear. It is unhealthy both psychologically and physically. To eliminate the darkness, we need to switch on the light. In your case you need to “switch on” courage. Courage is like a muscle, you can train it. Here are some strategies:

– Overcome fear by facing it courageously, right away. “Look fear in the face and it will cease to trouble you,” Sri Yukteswar advises in the Autobiography of a Yogi.

– Chose a good affirmation of courage. For example: “I laugh at all fears, for my Protector, Father, Mother, beloved God is especially attentively awake and present everywhere, with the deliberate purpose of protecting me from the temptations of evil.” Permeate your mind with it. Repeat it often.

Practice courage whenever you can in your daily life. Feel that power is an innate quality of your soul. You are like a lion, the great Masters say.

– When fear comes, throw it out immediately. Yogananda gives a specific technique: Fear is in the heart, he says. Put your hand on your heart and rub from left to right, affirming: “Heavenly Father, I am free! Tune out this fear from my heart radio.”

Meditate and pray. Yogananda teaches: “At any given moment you have all the courage, strength, and intelligence necessary to overcome any seeming difficulty. Get yourself still, mentally and physically. Retire to your center of poise within your spiritual home and commune with your Father there. He will show you the way.”

The stronger your inner energy, the less fearful you will be. I suggest you learn the Energization Exercises: you can find them on YouTube. Or go to an Ananda teacher, which is better. Higher energy will also protect you from the “negative people at my work place,” as it strengthens your aura, like a castle.

God be with you in your efforts,