My Friends Saw Etherical Beings in Meditation


My friend once saw a crystal being during meditation. What could that mean? My other friend saw himself walking upstairs with people. There was a door and behind it was a golden being. I could ask - What does it mean? Fear has stopped us from continuing.

—Mwesigye Tolu, Uganda


Dear Mwesigye,

When such images come they can be real or can be the products of our subconscious mind.

Whatever the case, these visions were not negative. If they came from your friend’s own minds, it was still a positive message and input. If on the other hand, they were real, a “crystal being” and a “golden being” can only mean blessings. In that case, you should all be very happy.

Also “walking upstairs” is a very good symbol. It means your energy, your spirits, were rising, meeting a higher reality.

So why stop your meditations? There are indeed angels around and higher beings. There is nothing to fear. Keep going. Live a pure life as much as you can, and you will attract beings of light.

Even higher than such angelic beings are the true Masters, like Yogananda and others. It would be good to mentally invite them into your meditations. Mentally sit at their side. They will give you guidance, elevation, and also protection from unwanted influences.

All the best for your continuous meditations,