My Husband’s Dream of Sri Yukteswar


My husband had a dream wherein, he saw Shri Shri Yukteshwar Maharaj. He came in form of a boy, carrying laptop and discussed about some work. He was angry with my husband. He stood up & set on the head of some another man sitting in the same room & performed an Asana. Suddenly he disappeared & there was a big image of Sri Yukteshwarji. My husband started crying,he pleaded & felt sorry that he could’t recognize him. He even saw me & my son bowing down to his lotus feet. What is the indication?

—Jahnavi Desai, India


Dear Jahnavi,

First, please tell your husband that any dream of a great Master like Sri Yukteswar is always a wonderful and unique blessing, even if we don’t fully understand the full meaning of what it might be trying to tell us. Therefore, he should be very grateful for this dream, for in having it, he was blessed by a great Master.

It is always best to try to analyze your dreams yourself, rather than asking another person to do it for you. This is because it is YOUR dream and its symbols are personal to YOU ALONE. But I can make some suggestions for your husband to help him analyze his dream on his own.

First, make a short list of four or five of the most important elements in the dream. For example in this dream, they might be Sri Yukteswar as a boy and then as a man, the boy, the laptop, the other man, the yoga asana. Each of these symbols represent or symbolize a particular part of himself—his psychological/spiritual being.

When this list is written, he should take it into meditation and pray to be guided to understand what part of himself each thing or person in the dream symbolizes FOR HIMSELF. Wait until the close of his meditation and then listen carefully for the answers. If they don’t come immediately, then they may be revealed to him, at some point in the near future. He should keep humbly asking for clarity. If he never feels that he received clear or satisfactory answers, he will still always be greatly blessed by this dream!