My Sexual Desire has Decreased. What to Do?


I have found related questions, but they don’t answer my question fully. I have been a practicing kriyaban for 1 year. I am married and I find that after getting kriya initiation, sex in my marriage has reduced a lot as I don’t feel much desire. However we want to have children as a couple. How should I tackle this? Should I stop practicing kriya on the days when we plan to have sex? Please help me with this private question, as I am unable to ask the acharyas in person.

—A, India


Dear A.,

It is true: Kriya Yoga pulls the energy out of the “false spine,” the sexual organ, into our true spine, the sushumna, which is the altar of God within. Sexual desire diminishes naturally.

From what I know, what you are experiencing is actually rather common. Sexual desire and activity diminishes in most Kriya Yogis and Kriya Yoga couples. Many have been monks and nuns in past lives. You might have been, too.

I wouldn’t stop practicing Kriya Yoga. It should be done daily.  Sexual desire doesn’t appear in one day by stopping Kriya or go away in one day by practicing it. This is a slow process.

You say that you don’t feel “much desire.” The little desire which is left — could it be enough for some sexual activity from time to time, especially to have children?

Of course if not, the situation isn’t easy.  You might ask God if a little medical help could be a proper solution. If you feel an inner “no,” then that might mean that fatherhood may not actually be the way to go for you. Nature has its own wisdom.

All the Best and God Bless You,