Nature of the “Self”


Hello! ...again. I’ve realized that "I am This," that is here, Or "I am That!" which from my understanding is the Self, or God unmanifested. Please help me understand cosmic consciousness vs. realizing my nature.

—nomind, US


Dear Friend,

Hello again! Reviewing your comments above I would start by asking whether, when you say to your Self, “I am this” you are including your physical form, the human body?

For the moment, I will assume that you are NOT referring merely to the body but to the consciousness of self-awareness.

This self-awareness is a starting point for the journey to Self-realization. The “Self” is truly only here and now but it is always “everywhere” here and now.

Thus until one’s consciousness expands to embrace all creation and beyond into Infinity we have not yet achieved the goal of our creation.

This “expansion” of awareness is not merely intellectual consent or acknowledgement. I recommend you read the chapter in AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI that is entitled, “An Experience in Cosmic Consciousness.” From this chapter you will find a description of this expansion even if no description, including this one from the book, can ever completely convey what can only be an actual experience.

Do you have a copy of the “AY” If not, I believe you can read it online at

Ok? I hope this explanation will be useful for you.

Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA