Now That I Meditate, I Feel Uncomfortable When People Complain. Why?


I started meditating 4 months ago. What is currently happening is that it is hard for me to listen to people who complain. I feel uncomfortable or irritated. Is this normal?

—Vicentiu, Australia


Dear Vicentiu,

This is a transition phase. When we meditate, we become more subtle, more receptive, and also, at times, more sensitive in the outside world. It can be that noises disturb us more than before, or worldly vibrations, or we feel increasingly uncomfortable with people who complain or are negative.

Gradually the yogi learns how to be subtle and deep but also strong as a rock. It takes a little time.

A good strategy is this: when you meditate, turn your inner switch on “receptivity”. But when you exit meditation, consciously turn your inner switch toward “giving”. Share the positive energy you have received from meditation. In this way the energy of people won’t affect you. This attitude acts like a protective shield.

Be a sensitive flower in meditation, but a strong lion of light in the world.

All the best,