Does Our Progress in This Life Carry Over to the Next Life?


Hi, does progress in overcoming one particular issue "carry over" into subsequent incarnations? For example, suppose one is born in this lifetime with low self-esteem, a misogynistic attitude, and spendthrift tendencies. If that person overcomes their spendthrift tendencies in this life but not the low-self esteem and misogyny, does this carry over such that their next incarnation will handle money well, but still have low self esteem and misogynist tendencies?

—Samuel, Singapore


Dear Samuel,

Yes! Fortunately, the progress we make in overcoming harmful attitudes and habits carries over into our next life. But consider this: the karma put into motion by past actions by indulging in harmful attitudes and habits is an energy force that will rebound to its creator at some future point. But having overcome that negative attitude you may be tested — hopefully, you will resist the temptation to succumb. But the karma is still “out there” needing resolution.

Also, those attitudes that we have not overcome in this life, will find expression in some future life or lives. If future circumstances don’t allow or foster those attitudes, they may not surface immediately in the next life or even beyond. But like seeds planted in the ground, when the soil is fertile and conditions right, they will sprout. In the meantime, however, if one advances spiritually and in maturity, those weeds which sprout might easily be pulled and thrown into the “fire” of purified magnetism.

By self-effort and divine grace, we can build the psychic muscles and powerful aura that more readily repels old karma from harming us as much, or at all.

Lastly, the success you achieve in overcoming one important negative habit makes you stronger overall and thus able to deal with other habits with increasing success. It’s also good to work on those things we feel we can conquer and sometimes leave the “big ones” for later when we are stronger. Make sense?

Blessings to you!
Nayaswami Hriman