Pain in the Agya Chakra


I have been meditating on the ajna chakra form some time and now a days I feel some sort of pain or pressure in the spiritual eye. I want to know that why is this pain and what can i do? Should I give up this meditation?

—Prashant Singh, India


Dear Prashant,

I believe you are referring to the Spiritual Eye. Swami Kriyananda has spelled it Agya Chakra, but I assume we are referring to the same chakra.

Swami asked Paramhansa Yogananda one time why he couldn’t see the Spiritual Eye. Master told him that we has trying too hard. I assume that this is the case with you. You are too tense and putting too much energy in looking into the Spiritual Eye. Relaxation is the key to success in meditation.

It might be best to not concentrate so much right now on this center so that the pain will go. You might, actually, work at developing devotion for awhile. I think that in this current age, we all need to meditate on the Heart Chakra. With so much turmoil in the world, we can all help change this energy by devoping love and compassion for our fellow beings.

You might also do calming yoga postures before starting your meditation. This will relax you and get your mind ready for just being, being in the light of the Spiritual Eye.

Bless you in your practices, Seva