People Turn Against Me Even Though I Don’t Have Any Bad Intentions. What to Do?



I am deeply troubled since i think i am being unnecessarily victimised. I do not and never had any hurtful intentions. I am being misunderstood and i think everyone is turning against me. Now i feel i am getting bad vibes. Please advise on how to protect people around me... People who know me personally care for me, can vouch for me. Personally i do not have anything against anyone. I pray for everyone.

—Sravanthi, Singapore


Dear Sravanthi,

Thank you for writing. I am sorry for the situation. But, as the Masters teach, everything happens for the best. Every situation is trying to teach us something. What is it in this case?

If your intentions, actions, and thoughts are indeed pure, then the problem in truth is not really yours. It is theirs: it is their judgment and bad vibes. The learning process for you might be: “How can I develop the inner strength, stability and centeredness to remain serene, no matter what people think, do, or say?”

Such inner strength you might develop very well from practicing Yogananda’s Energization Exercises, vigorously. The centeredness comes from regular meditation.

The second point is: nothing comes to us without a reason. In other words, you may have done something in the dim or recent past to receive this situation now. So your resolve could be to fill you heart, thoughts, and aura with increasing love, forgiveness, acceptance, understanding for the people who are judging you. If these heart-qualities grow and blossom in you, the situation will automatically dissolve. Light dissolves darkness.

Life might be asking you to increase your love, in all situations, while becoming very strong in your center.

All the best,