Phenomenon in Meditation


Hello, any spiritual advice would be greatly received. I’ve recently started meditating daily and frequently astral project. The last two times I’m experiencing a pendulum type instrument knocking from the base of my spine upwards as this intensifies I begin swaying backwards and forwards lightly but as it picks up speed I immediately return to my physical body at speed in an attempt to stop this sensation. I wouldn’t want to stop meditating as I love it so much but I’m a bit unnerved. Thank you

—Mel Taylor, United kingdom


Thank you for your question, it does bring up some interesting thoughts.

Paramhansa Yogananda mentions astral projection only in passing as a phenomenon that should not be sought out, as an important goal in itself. Although, this may happen naturally as a part of one’s spiritual quest. Otherwise it can cause one to place too much emphasis on the small ‘egoic’ self instead of focusing on the Higher Self and union with the Divine.

Think of it like this: Imagine that you are meditating very deeply and at the close of your meditation, you realize that you can fly. Next, you step outside and begin to fly around the sky, enjoying your self immensely. You may begin to think: “Isn’t this wonderful! Look at what I can do and no one else can.” Thus your ego has entrapped you, yet again, as this flying becomes more important than the goal of finding God!

Yogananda sites, also, Patanjali’s Eight-Fold Path of Yoga, listing the siddhis or spiritual powers which may come to those who are diligent on the path of meditation and cautions the sincere spiritual seeker to, “Beware of the siddhis.”

The movement in the spine, you mentioned, that causes the body to sway back and forth is associated with the kundalini awakening. Progressive inner relaxation brings that outward movement under control. You are right to not give up. Check the intensity and duration of your practice. Make sure you are balancing all areas of your life: diet, exercise, lots of sleep and rest. You are the judge if you are overdoing an activity. When the unpleasant effects in meditation happen you may need to stop or reduce your meditation, for awhile. Sometimes a slight correction is all that is needed. Is there a spiritual counselor you can visit, in person, to check your practices.

These sort of experiences are much more common than we imagine, especially in the beginning years of one’s spiritual path. Learn more, if possible, about the kundalini and develop devotion by opening your heart. Most of all invite God, in the language of your heart, into your meditation and ask for his help and guidance and blessings. God is there for you and you are his beloved child. He will help you refine your efforts in stillness.

Many blessings on your sincere efforts.