Position of Head for Concentrating on the Spiritual Eye


Please guide me in the correct position for spiritual eye meditation. Is the head turned slightly upward to maintain focus on the spiritual eye during meditation? Should the eyes just be turned upward? Or should there just be concentration on the spiritual eye which is helpful during meditation?

—Sunkoju Raju, India


Dear Sunkoju,

For meditation on the spiritual eye, keep your head level with the chin parallel to the floor and gently lift your gaze up toward the point between the eyebrows. It is helpful to have the gaze of the eyes uplifted as if looking at a distant mountain peak or think of it as gazing above the horizon line.

If we uplift our eyes to an extreme position, it may cause a headache. This uplifted gaze can be behind closed eyes or eyes may be half open. The concentration is directed inward at this point. Use this eye position for all your meditations, not just when you are especially tuning into the spiritual eye because, in fact, all of our meditation practice has the goal of awakening this center.

This point between the eyebrows has many names: the spiritual eye, the Kutastha, the center of Christ consciousness, the center of Krishna consciousness.  You might enjoy learning more about the spiritual eye on our website. There are many articles there and you might like to start here.

Many Blessings,
Nayaswami Mukti