How to Pray for My Deceased Wife


We have lost our beloved wife on 21-06-2016; she was only 41 years old. Her death ended 23 years of a happy and blissful marriage. She is like an angel in my life. Now we are suffering a lot of sorrow and grief in life. Our mind is always in past. Please guide us how to overcome this situation. How can we talk to our wife’s soul, and how do we pray to the GOD for departed soul?

—ManojKumarBanka, Gorakhpur,India


Dear Manoj Kumar,

We are very sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved wife.

You mention that she is like an angel in your life. That relationship can continue in your heart, for in truth, we are all one with each other, in our oneness with God. There is no separation among souls, except in our minds. Realize that oneness in meditation—that is the very best thing you can do now.

But it is true that our attachments to particular individuals can be very strong and difficult to overcome. Continuously ask for help from God and Guru. Do your best to overcome your grief by giving her spirit back into God’s hands in meditation, over and over—that is where she came from, where we all come from, and where all return eventually at the time of our final liberation.

You can talk to her now, but do it in such a way that you are not trying to hold her back from her own spiritual progress in the astral world to which she has gone. Send her love for her journey and her adjustment to her new abode. Wish her all the best (I know you do). But do pray for help to not be selfish by living in the past, holding too tightly to the memories of your life with her, or wanting her back. This will only hurt her spiritual progress, and I know you would never wish to do that.

Time and God’s grace will heal your wounds eventually, if you will let that happen. Ask for prayers from others also to help you. Contact the Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry and ask for their assistance.