Prayer to Ask Help for Others


I know we are supposed to chant or meditate without focusing on anything of material concern, however, is it considered wrong to ask for help for others who are suffering during meditation or japa? (I use the Hare Krishna mantra.)A friend is battling anorexia at this point, and simple prayer is difficult, because I am unsure what to pray for.

—Casey, England


Dear Casey,

After you have finished your meditations or japa, praying for the well-being of others is second nature to us at Ananda. This is a very strong way to extend your meditations to serve others, especially those in physical need.

You can start the prayer with visualizing a master, such as Christ or Yogananda. Feel his light surrounding you and then ask that this healing light go out to your friend. Visualize that this light is healing the whole body of this person or the specific part that is in need. With concentration and will, see your friend well and whole.

If you direct the energy to the whole being, this healing light will know what is best for that person. Spend a few minutes in this vibration and continue it each time you are meditating. The masters need an instrument to help direct their healing to others. Serving others in this way will bring a great deal of inspiration also to yourself.