During meditation, I feel a small hit/pressure of finger from inside to outside in crown chakra. I could feel the jerk or vibration on my tongue after few minutess. During that time could feel a small vibration on my head. Would love know about the experience.

—Ellu, United Kingdom


Dear Ellu,

Understanding the Chakras Online CourseIt is a little difficult to answer you more thoroughly without knowing what kind of meditation techniques you are using when you meditate, so I will answer in a more general way. Many of the things we “see” or “feel” in meditation are not particularly unusual. Most often, they are simply an indication of energy beginning awakening in and move through your energy (astral) spine and chakras. This is a good sign! Whenever things like this happen, pray to God and/or Guru (if you have one) for help and guidance. Don’t let phenomena like a vibration in the head during meditation distract you from your goal of bliss and deep inner silence. Also, it is best always to focus more on the 6th chakra, than the 7th chakra when you are meditating. If you’d like to know a little more about how this works, please watch my video:

Ananda Yoga to Awaken the Chakras.

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