Protection from Negative Influences


I’m aware I have spiritual senses. Many years I asked for it to leave me. Yet I know I need this for inner clarity and my chakras are all out of balance. Which one do I start with or can I work on all? I am cancer, water, moon by nature. My issue is I draw or feel others' energy. With this virus it's a huge fear. How do I not let others' fears be absorbed? I need to learn breathing and to be balanced. What can you suggest to do first?

—Tammy, United States


Dear Tammy,

“If our consciousness is strongly positive, our magnetism will be positive also, and will attract good things to us. It will, in addition, create a ‘buffer zone’ around us, protecting us from harm like an umbrella in the rain.” —  Swami Kriyananda

Here are few suggestions when faced with negative influences. Remember we are tested with such things to grow faster spiritually. Everything that comes to us will make us stronger.

Take time to meditate and harmonize the vibrations of your heart. If you can consciously be in a giving mode you will be less influenced by outside influences.

Mentally chant in your heart, “I am Thine, Be Thou mine.”

Send heart energy upward to the point between the eyebrows. Feel yourself surrounded and protected.

Extend your arms before you, your palms touching. Then move them out and around your body in a broad circle until the palms or fingers touch once again behind your back. Mentally while repeating this process, chant, “AUM-TAT-SAT”. Do this three times then feel you are surrounded by that protective vibration. This is the equivalent of the Christian Trinity and has an ancient power.

Of course, Satsang, Service, and Sadhana are important to keep your energy strong. Find ways to be with uplifted people, ways to give to others and practice your meditation techniques regular and focused.

Since this is a time in the world to lessen physical interaction with those around, us we can send out powerful positive energy to everyone, praying unceasingly for the world right now.

The more you act as a channel of blessings to all, the more your magnetism will be strengthen and at the same time your efforts to reach God will accelerate.

Many blessings at this time, and remember to hold God in your heart throughout the day. Feel His presence in your heart as love, peace, and harmony.

Joy to you,
Nayaswami Hassi