Is My Negative Coworker Causing My Health Problems?


If I recently awakened and I work with a negative co worker who yelled at me and told me "I don’t deserve to be here, I should’ve been fired a long time ago". Could it be possible that if they know about magic and Wicca that they could have casted something to mess up my physical health if i have no previous history of needing to go to the hospital and just suddenly after that interaction I’ve needed to go multiple times. Especially while I’m still awakening and learning About everything.

—Max Fellenstein, United States


Dear Max,

I am very sorry to hear of your troubles. I have seen it happen with others over the years that their spiritual awakening, especially in the initial stages, subjects them to being sensitive to and influenced by negativity in a way that would not have touched them in the past. I liken this phenomenon to the process of a new seedling emerging from the ground. A newly planted tree, for example, is typically enclosed by a wire protective fence so that animals like deer won’t eat it when it is green and tender. When the seedling tree grows to be many feet tall its trunk is strong and the protective fence may be removed.

Thus it is that when the soul begins to awaken, the hard shell of ego begins to crumble; the heart softens, and our intuitive perceptions expand outward in sensitive awareness of more subtle realities such as people’s thoughts and feelings. I’ve watched “successful” people come to live in an Ananda Community and for a time they seem to fall apart whereas before they were hard charging, successful people.

This phase, if it happens at all, is only temporary provided the devotee continues to deepen his attunement. This phenomenon is one reason a new initiate is traditionally sheltered for one or two years in an ashram or monastery: to cast off the clothing of ego and to don the softer, more sensitive robe of divine love and wisdom.

But spiritual consciousness will strengthen our aura even as it expands our sympathies. The saints are people of great sensitivity AND great power. In this early stage of your awakening, the ego is the beneficiary of your awakened consciousness. With ever deeper meditation, prayer, and selflessness, the ego will subside and the soul will shine, increasingly impervious to the world’s negativity because centered in God. The ego needs to move from its center at the base of the brain to the center of the enlightened ego at the point between the eyebrows.

Here then are a few ideas:

1. Live more at the spiritual eye during your waking hours. It will change your consciousness and strengthen your aura from negative magnetism and thoughts. It will take time and practice to do this. During the day, keep reminding yourself to shift your attention to the point between the eyebrows as you talk, move about, and conduct your activities.

2. Mix with other high minded people. Are you a part of Ananda online? Is there no Ananda center or meditation group near you? You can “mix” in person or by your studies, and by the fact of so much online material: the talks of Swami Kriyananda on YouTube are plentiful, for example. Study Yogananda’s writings. There are 8 CD’s of his voice for example. Wonderful to listen to.

3. How realistic is it to find other work? Black arts can only affect one who’s aura is not yet strong.

4. Chant this mantra during times of attack: AUM HRING KLING KRISHNAYA NAMAHA!

5. Write the Aum symbol or word on your pillow before going to sleep.

6. Strengthen your aura by standing up straight, putting your arms out in front of you, palms touching. While chanting AUM TAT SAT, move your arms apart and around the back of you, hands touching and swing them back to the front, palms lightly touching: do this at least 3 times or more.

7. Put out positive, cheerful energy especially at work. Smile. Avoid unnecessary contact with this negative co-worker; say little and don’t look into his/her eyes more than is necessary to be merely polite. In respect to this person, remain calm and centered and DO NOT REACT whether inside or outwardly. Do NOT be a doormat, however, stand tall and be strong and centered in the Self.


9. When needed you might also gain strength by silently chanting AUM, AUM, AUM…in the vibration of AUM we are alwasy protected.

May the Divine Light be your guide and protector.
Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA