Psychic Communications


I lost my best friend, Soda, my dog, almost a year ago. It was the most devastating thing that has ever happened to me. He sends me signs all the time to let me know he is still there. I recently lost my father, which means he lost his best friend. This crushed my life even further. When I receive signs from my father and my Soda, how do I determine which come from whom?

—Tyler Parker, Canada


Dear Tyler,

I am sorry to hear about your losses. Grief and loss have for their spiritual purpose to turn our attention toward the Source of Love and Happiness: God. In God consciousness, there is no loss for we are One in God’s Love.

In response to your question (“How do I determine which come from whom”), the signs themselves should be indications of their source. Without knowing either Soda or your father, I cannot be very specific but as an example, if a sign were that Soda’s water bowl has moved from one position to another you can say that was from Soda.

If something belonging to or loved by your father has changed its position, then we can say that is a sign from him.

Now, perhaps by “sign,” you mean certain feelings that you have. Consider then the feelings you would have when with Soda (especially when Soda was with you and communicating something) then, consider the feelings you would have in the past when you would be with your father. They would be different feelings. So learn to distinguish between the two by your memory of their presence and how differently each felt.

Always keep in mind, however, that these signs or feelings are necessarily both personal and subjective. Therefore, one can always be tricked by the subconscious mind. When you believe a sign has been given, stop what you are doing and be very still and quiet. Close your eyes. Feel your heart center and then silently “ask” through the point between the eyebrows “Is this Soda?” “Is this you, father?” Then feel in your heart for a kind of response, one that would “feel like” Soda or “feel like” your father. If you believe that you have received a sign, broadcast through both the heart and the spiritual eye (forehead) “Thank you for coming! Blessings to you!”

In all cases, do not emphasize your feeling of grief or loss in any such communication. Instead, be joyful that they live on and know that “we will meet again.” Life is always changing form and it is important to learn to accept change for change never stops! The only constant is our soul’s eternal presence behind all flux and God’s love as the Source of all things.

I hope these thoughts will be helpful to you!

Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA