Psychic Energy “Attacks”


Hello. I am associated with a spirtual organization which is very good and the teachings are amazing but I get very negative vibes from the people who are managing it. I feel very dirty energy from them but how is this possible? They practice advanced techniques and have cleaner aura and chakras but its getting difficult for me to even think about them!! I have started to get bad dreams about them too where they are behaving badly with me! I feel horrible. I want to go away!

—Petals, India


Dear Petals,

Generally speaking, trust your feelings in such matters at least, tentatively. You should consider stepping away from participation at least for a while. It may be that what you are feeling is your own subconscious mind resisting the teaching and techniques you are being offered, so be careful not to judge other people too quickly.

If after a break and upon returning to the group, you still feel as you’ve described, I think it is probably best to seek spiritual guidance and training elsewhere. If this were to occur a second time in another setting, then it would be time to look within for the source.

Pray also after meditation when you are calm and the subconscious mind is still, for inner guidance. Be mindful also, whether such thoughts arise spontaneously in respect to other people or circumstances. What we see around us in life is a projection outward from our own magnetism. This doesn’t necessarily mean that what you feel isn’t objectively true, but its resonance with you suggests there’s a connection.

Insofar as you didn’t mention it, I assume that none of these people has said or done anything to you that would outwardly validate your perceptions? Thus far then, your perceptions appear to be entirely subjective.

So, be careful and heed the warnings given to you by your feelings and your dreams but also understand that it isn’t necessarily ONLY other people. Therefore, try not to dislike or judge. Simply use common sense and calmness and seek divine protection and guidance through prayer, devotion, and meditation.


Blessings to you! In Divine Mother’s love you will always be protected.

Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA