What Does it Mean When Your Forehead Tingles During Meditation?


While meditating, my forehead centre near my eyebrows have some pulling energy and tingling effect. I don't focus on centre actually. I just keep myself calm and blank my mind and relax myself, but still why does my forehead has so much pulling energy? It's not painful but sometimes my vision is like broadened. This pulling an dtingling stays for some minutes even after completing my meditation. Why is this happening to me?

—Priya, India


Dear Priya,

Yogananda, whose teachings we follow here at Ananda, directs us to meditate with our concentration at the point between the eyebrows, also known as the Christ or Krishna consciousness center or the spiritual eye. This center is located about where you describe your experience of pulling energy. When our concentration is deeply focused there, an energetic doorway opens out into the infinite and our awareness becomes increasingly drawn into the Divine Presence. Union with the Divine is the goal of our meditation practice. What you describe sounds like you are touching into that experience, especially when your vision is ‘broadened’. You might like to read about the spiritual eye on our website The Complete Guide to the Spiritual Eye. On this page is also a link to a free video that introduces you to our basic meditation technique called Hong-Sau meditation. Scroll to near the bottom to find the video. This technique will provide you with some structure for your meditation.

Consider your experience as great encouragement for you to continue to deepen your meditation practice. If you find the information at the above link helpful you might like to explore Ananda’s many offerings on meditation and the spiritual path.

Many blessings,
Nayaswami Mukti