Purpose of Life


What is the overall purpose of life? Why the cycle has started? I read somewhere that it's to gain different types of experiences. If that is true, why to move towards ending those experiences by being spiritual?

—saumil desai, India


Your question has been asked through the ages and always with many implications! It is a good question but complicated! One answer is that the purpose of life is to draw closer to God. Inevitably. Life experiences are meant to free us as our understanding of those experiences increase. By understanding the ‘game of life’ we begin to see our true nature. The true nature becomes infinitely more appealing. This discovery is in the awakening of the soul. Otherwise, we stay bound by our own karma. Karma is set into motion by us. Whatever we did in the past we can undo with determination. That is the cycle which we can’t avoid and it is up to us to work with that karma. A little taste of the expanded Self draws us to move towards seeking a spiritual, inner life. That is the overall purpose of life. A great resource is the book Karma and Reincarnation: The Wisdom of Paramhansa Yogananda. You may want to read. Many Blessings on your efforts.