Questions on Will Power & Telepathy


Why is will power important for telepathy? What is will power? Is it like real energy? Can we do telepathy without will power? How to develop will power (steps)? Can will power decrease over time? How to increase will power when it decreases? Is it true that will power is highest during morning?

—Gopal Pandey, India


Dear Gopal,

I answer your questions, one by one.

Q- “Why is will power important for telepathy?”
A- It is important for sending a thought. Imagine the thought as a ball which you want to throw to someone else. Willpower is the muscle strength which which that ball is thrown. The stronger the concentrated will the stronger the thought.

Q- “What is will power? Is it like real energy?”
A- Will power is desire plus energy, directed toward fulfillment. Without energy it is just a feeble wish. Will power depends on energy, and on the focused direction we give it.

Q- “Can we do telepathy without will power?”
A- We can do the receiving part, but not the sending part. It depends on will power.

Q- “How to develop will power (steps)?”
A- Every day chose to do something that is difficult (but possible) to do and keep at it until it is done. Also do things in a new creative way, as habit weakens the will. Meditate and focus on the point between the eyebrows, the seat of will in the body. Practice Yogananda’s energization exercises which strengthen the will. Mix with people with strong will.

Q- “Can will power decrease over time?”
A- Yes, it is like a muscle: if not trained it gets weak.

Q- “How to increase will power when it decreases?”
A- By practicing it.

Q- “Is it true that will power is highest during morning?”
A- No. Some people may have powerful will in the morning, while in the evening everything seems weaker. Others in the morning have a harder time to move their will, but later during the day it is strong.

Try telepathy with a Master. That is the greatest way to practice such inner communication. Broadcast a thought to Yogananda, for example, or to another great Master. And then feel in your heart his response. They are very much alive even if they have left this world and communicate on such a subtle level with us.

All the Best,