Reason for Suffering



Spiritual seekers are adviced to appreciate and love life. Does it mean we should love all that life brings, evil and pain as well? I know evil and pain may serve a higher purpose but I still have resentment for them. The food chain with lives taken away cruelly when still alive, sexual abuse etc? And are we (our souls) meant to experience all existing painful life scenarios and emotions before we attain liberation?

—Tom, Poland


Dear Tom,

Thank you for your question! Suffering is part of a bigger picture. But how do we handle it?

How can a good God allow all that suffering? Is He unable to stop it? Or does He want evil? What kind of God is that?

The thing is that, as human beings, we have too narrow of a vision. Everything from the human perspective seems like a puzzle.

Saints and sages who have transcended the tiny vision for a cosmic vision can see the bigger picture or plan. Were it not for the fact of suffering, mankind might continue in ‘relative’ ease to stroll through life satisfied with common fulfillment and seek nothing more from life that self-gratification — until death draws its final curtain over the whole scene.

Suffering exists because in some way or another we have flouted the perfect harmony of our own being. Man’s first reaction to that is often to harden his heart against pain and ensuing bitterness to hide from more pain and suffering. Thus suffering multiplies on the individual level and then worldwide. Suffering is based on disharmonious thoughts rooted in our behavior — in our own life or other lives that we are not even aware of.

At the same time, all creatures want to be happy and seek that joy at all costs. Everyone wants to move away from sorrow and toward happiness whatever the means. The lasting happiness or avoidance of pain is an instinctual thrust driving us all. As various attempts for fulfillment fail, eventually we see that happiness lies in the finding our own higher self in God.

Suffering brings us wisdom and leads to that higher reality. The ultimate cure is God. The rational mind will never be able to fully understand. If you can meditate you will develop an inner understanding and deeper intuition and expand your vision beyond earthly sadness and troubles. Equipped with these you can finally know the Inner Self and know who God is and why He does what He does. You may not be able to stop feeling the pain of the evil and injustice but you will come closer to moving your understanding and reactions to a higher consciousness. Your Higher consciousness will help the world and everyone who is in suffering!

Turn your gaze to the most important things: love, light, and finding God within. It will be the best way to find peace of mind and radiate out positive energy to the troubled and sorrowful.

Many Blessings on your efforts,

Nayaswami Hassi