Receiving Signs


2 years ago I was intrigued by the mystery of the universe that came in the form of signs. The very first sign I experienced was always seeing 1111 on the clock. This soon turned into seeing names and repeating numbers on every notification sent to me. My question is, why have I stopped recieving signs and divine guidance from the universe. I have not been able to find the same since 2 years ago. I also cannot manifest anything and when i ask the universe for a sign, nothing shows up.

—Heather, United States


It could be an indication, since you have stopped receiving these signs, that they are not necessary for you anymore. Could it be that your Divine Guidance will be coming in a different form? Guidance can come in many ways along with many blessings. The Universe could be asking you to look inward for answers. Try, after calming the mind and body with a breathing technique or meditation, to listen in your heart for a direction that may give you a new clarity. Possibly this could be an expanded sense of consciousness. Ask God for the answer to you questions and His help will surely come. Many Blessings on your efforts.