Relaxation at the Point Between the Eyebrows


During the hong shau technique while concentrating between the eyebrows i feel like first of all i am looking at the horizon and gradually my eyes and concentration are going inner and inner and focused almost between the eyebrows a little tightly.It feels like it is attached there and my eyes are moving at those points.Am i doing it wrong and should the focus be only at the horizon?

—dimonsumy, Nepal


Your earnestness in focusing when doing the Hong Sau technique is very sincere and a good thing. What comes to my mind for you is the need for relaxation during the technique. It does not appear that you are practicing incorrectly. Gently, focus on the breath, remember to move your finger up and down with the inhalation and exhalation, that may help balance your focus. This may, also, relax the energy at the point between the eyebrows. The experience of Hong Sau should be one that attunes the body to the Divine flow of energy and opens the heart. Practicing with too much tension causes discomfort in different ways.

It is, also, a good thing before and after meditation to invite God into your meditation and your life. Asking for His blessing and guidance in perfecting your practice. He will help you in your practice. Ask God for better understanding and devotion. Pray to Him in the language of your heart. He is the nearest and dearest to you! Many Blessings on your meditation. Your dedication is wonderful!