Renew Efforts in Meditation


I have been meditating for some time (witnessing the thoughts). Now I feel I am stuck. I had glimpses of effortless state but I can’t stay that way for longer. And i have difficulty in thinking too (because of the intense pressure between the eyebrows).

—Sameer, India


Most devotees hit a dry period at some point on the spiritual path. Don’t give up on your efforts.

There are many ways to remedy that difficulty. First, invite God into your meditations with more frequency and pray for devotion. In the language of your heart ask for God to guide and bless you in your efforts. Try to feel God’s presence centered in your heart as you begin to meditate. He will guide you in that stillness.

Make sure to reach out to other like minded people. Do you live near an Ananda center? You can locate a center from our website. It is very helpful to meditate with others. Also, you can go to this link for our online virtual community. There are many classes, recordings, online meditations and satsang for help with inspiration available there.

Also, the intense pressure between the eyebrows, may indicate that at the same time, when using intensity to call on God, you need to relax the body. Use your intensity of will but do not hold tension in your body. Be sure to do yoga postures and Energization Exercises to go into your meditation with a relaxed body. Check you breathing and your posture while mediating and make sure there is not a tenseness or nervousness around your efforts when doing your techniques.

Most of all keep trying because just the effort you use to find news ways to inspire your inner connection with God, will lead you to that ever new joy and peace you are looking for in your life. God will never give up on you.

Many blessings.