Residency at Ananda Village


I just recently read for the first time, The Autobiography of the Yogi. I think this book has deeply changed my thinking. I now listen to your radio program as I practice yoga in the morning, and am listening to 'celebration of Swami’s birthday' currently. I am in transition in my life right now, so am wondering if there is a way to explore living and moving to your village. I am also a Waldorf teacher, can I teach children in your village?

—Suzanne H Hunt, United States


Dear Suzanne,

Congratulations and blessings upon your journey to Self-realization! Your note doesn’t say where or how far from Ananda Village you live, but a visit there would be an excellent start. Of course, right now travel is restricted, and I believe the Expanding Light (, our guest facility, is still closed (be sure and check).

In the meantime, I suggest you contact Nayaswami Anandi (Cornell) who guides the membership and residency process. There are recommended steps to be taken for orientation and training. Normally a visit and interview would be ideal. From the Expanding Light website (or this website, you can make contact. Perhaps you have already found this page:

Countless are those souls who have, down through history, and in the 50 years of Ananda’s history, have left all behind in their search for God and for truth, seeking the company of like-minded pilgrims. May the masters light your path to freedom.

Nayaswami Hriman