Will I Reunite with My Family After Death?


Can I reunite with my husband and family in the after and know each other from our past? And do they remember me while I'm still on Earth?

—Jacqueline Minnis, America


This is a very interesting topic and a very extensive one. Souls do recognize each other after death. The strength of the bond between the souls during the lifetime determines the clarity of that recognition. If there is still an incomplete karma the souls can reunite life after life. Sometimes souls will remember each other while on earth especially if there is a purpose for reincarnating at the same time. This could just manifest as a vague memory. It is always good when meeting someone that sparks that vague recognition, if possible, to give energy to that relationship.

Also, on the other hand, it is true that we should not hold another soul bound by our own desire for reuniting with them. Offering that desire to God to purify is a good practice. Karma and Reincarnation in The Wisdom of Yogananda Series is a wonderful resource to read for a more information. Many Blessings to you.