What Is this Rising Energy in My Spine? (On Kundalini) – Understand Meaning of Feeling Energy in Spine


Sir/Madam, I have been doing kundalini meditation for the last 3 years. When I sit for meditation, automatically my head turns upward, and I feel some energy flowing up. However, I can’t understand it, what is this going on? Please can you guide me.

Regards, Sandeep Sudhakar Hiray

—Sandeep Sudhakar Hiray, india


Dear Sandeep,

Advanced meditation techniques are often designed to stimulate the kundalini energy, making it flow upward. This flow is a most wonderful thing, as it brings a sense of inner bliss into our life. You are on a good track.

Remember however to watch its evolution: the effects on your life should always be balanced, harmonious, and happy. I don’t know what kind of kundalini meditation you practice, but it is important that your technique be gentle, never forced. Forceful awaking of kundalini can even become dangerous.

When the energy starts flowing upward, as you are experiencing, the head tends to lift up. It is normal. However, it is better to consciously try to keep the head straight, so that the energy channel isn’t closed.

You experiencing “some energy,” which is just a first inner upward flow. Swami Kriyananda describes it in his book The Art and Science of Raja Yoga:

It is not enough for mere spurts of energy to have shot up from the base of the spine; these are but advance scouts from Kundalini, testing the terrain so to speak, and preparing it for later invasion. There is a great difference between these relatively minor flashes of upliftment and the mighty upward flow of Kundalini herself, a river swelling with the addition of each tributary stream of energy joining it at the chakras.

Another important thought: Kundalini awakening should always be accompanied by a strict application of Patanjali’s yamas and niyamas (correct yogic attitudes). I hope your teachers have taught them to you. They are the bases of yogic life. The most important one is the last: Ishwara pranidhana, devotion to God. The ruling force of the awakening must be our devotional aspiration, not our willful effort.

If the upward flow should become stronger in your meditations, it might be good advice to do some sports or strong physical exercise. It will ground and balance you.

All in all, with its awakening, you should become quite a blissful and God-filled person. Strong rising energy in the spine is a synonym for bliss.

In divine friendship, Jayadev