The Road Ahead – Yogananda’s Predictions


Did Swamiji ever tell when specifically will all the trials and disasters take place in the future? How can those who aren’t able to live in communities (as of yet) be prepared for it, both materially as well as spiritually? That is, should we just go our own way and trust in God, or are there things that we would do well to focus on as a means of preparation, since he repeatedly talked about it.

—Kailash, India


Dear Kailash,

Both Yogananda and Swamiji in their respective lifetimes conveyed a sense of urgency. Several times throughout the decades I was with Swami Kriyananda he seemed certain that difficult times were just around the corner.

Nonetheless, crystal ball predicting is a risky art and science. Moreover, karma can change even as a result of warnings such as these. Therefore, we cannot say nor did either Yogananda or Kriyananda put any dates on these forecasts and warnings.

I can add my thoughts to this: whereas during the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s these warnings did not seem very likely to me they feel much closer now. But, truly who can say?

I would not, however, go so far as to say “just go your way and trust in God.” Or, put more clearly: both Yogananda and Kriyananda urged audiences to do certain things. On a general level they urged us to live within our means; to live simply and what we would now say as “sustainably.” Both said “Pool your resources with friends of like mind and buy land in the country; grow your own food!”

Even governments warn citizens to at least prepare for emergencies of various kinds: stocking some food; water; batteries; shelters; and similar things.

And of course at the heart of what Yogananda offers to us is the spiritual path: our sadhana; our service; our devotion; satsang.

But each person is in a unique situation: where you live; your family; your job; your duties in life. But for those with “ears to hear” and living especially in crowded cities, having a “back door” seems a wise move. So, do what you can and what you feel in tune with. And, yes, you are right: in the end, we live by God’s Light, grace, and protection!

Devotion is the greatest protector: live in AUM!


Nayaswami Hriman