What Do the Colors You See While Meditating Mean?


Having practiced meditation for quite a long time, my journey into myself is undeniably for me, the most important part of my life. Over the last year, I have noticed that when meditating with my eyes open, I am seeing golden light and at times a white pulsating light. It is not something that I fixate on —  it just happens. I wonder if you can provide some sort of explanation as to what this may be.

—Gayle, United Kingdom


Dear Gayle,

It is wonderful to hear that you have been meditating for quite a long time and that meditation is the most important part of your life! Keep it up!

The “…golden and at times pulsating white light” that you have described are most likely aspects of the spiritual or third eye, which is seen in deep meditation. Generally speaking, it may be seen more easily and clearly when your eyes are closed, relaxed, and gently uplifted toward the point between your eyebrows. Seen perfectly it is a sphere or tunnel of deep indigo-blue, surrounded by a halo of golden light. In the center is a five-pointed star of silvery-white.

It is a very helpful practice in meditation (or at any time) to either see or at least visualize its presence, then let your consciousness move into these tunnels of colored light. They are our gateways to superconsciousness.

You don’t mention what kind of meditation techniques you are practicing, but I might suggest to you that you investigate learning and practicing the specific techniques of the path of Kriya Yoga, as taught by Paramhansa Yogananda. They will accelerate your spiritual progress greatly!