Seeing Astral Beings


I usually sleep soundly. Sometimes I am awakened by a constant sound. I can see whatever natural place I am in with exact details being aware of where I am but I also see other ‘beings' that seem to always understand that I see them as well as they see me. What is this?

—Telly, USA



I am going to re-state what you wrote to make sure I understand that what you are saying: You have had more than one, in fact, several experiences of being asleep, then being wakened (at least once) by a “constant” sound (like a note or humming vibration, I suppose). Being awake you are aware of your surroundings (let’s imagine that it’s your bedroom) and even though you can see objects in your room quite normally, you ALSO see “beings” who in turn, see you! Do I have that right?

Do they “communicate” anything to you (telepathically, energetically, or otherwise)? I assume they do not since you don’t mention it. Are you afraid? I assume you are not since you don’t indicate that you are afraid. You don’t seem to recognize any of them (for example, a “dead” parent or loved one or a saint or angel), right?

We are ALL surrounded by astral beings. In fact, the astral world interweaves with the material world just as our physical bodies and astral bodies do. Most of us cannot see the astral world and the people there because of the specific vibration of space (spatial timing) in this material world.

On the other hand, one cannot dismiss the possibility that being awakened from sleep you might still be in a semi-subconscious state and that what you are seeing is a product of the subconscious dream state being superimposed upon the conscious state. The lack of interaction with these beings suggests this possibility.

Otherwise and however, it could also be a semi-superconscious state and you are being given the opportunity, perhaps a gift, to see such beings. However, without any communication or transference of energy, it would appear to be a “mere fact” without special or personal significance.

Sounds odd to be sure but if this is true, it must be admitted that there are people who routinely DO SEE astral beings with whom they have no particular relationship. (I’m not speaking of large numbers of people with this psychic ability, but there are definitely some!)

Thus, I can only conclude based on what you have written that you may have this psychic ability which in your case, has only happened at night when awakened from sleep to see astral beings. For what purpose, it is difficult to say based on what you wrote. You’re not frightened by them. You’re not being blessed or given any particular message from them. You don’t recognize them.

If it happens again, I would recommend that you first pray inwardly to God or the masters for their presence. Then, as if turning to these beings, cautiously ask them (aloud or mentally, it won’t make any difference!) “Who are you? Why are you here? Can I help you? Do you have a message for me?”

They may simply vanish or perhaps some explanation will be given to you. You must be VERY, VERY careful not to be DECEIVED whether by them or your own subconscious mind. If anything is communicated that goes against common sense, moral sense, or spiritual principles, you can be sure you don’t want anything to do with them. “Just because they’re dead doesn’t mean they are saints or angels or are without ego desires!”

After all, they are in YOUR BEDROOM AT NIGHT! So don’t be flattered or imagine yourself especially spiritual because psychic abilities are not by themselves, a mark of sanctity. You can be a saint without any psychic power and you can be a psychic and be an egotist! Also, at least consider the very real possibility that these “ghosts” are the product of your own subconscious.

Ok? In all such cases, ask for divine guidance, protection, and wisdom!

Blessings to you,
Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA