Seeing the Spiritual Eye in Pregnancy


I started seeing the spiritual eye when I was in the shower and when I rubbed my face with soap and when water fell on my face in the shower. It was very intense and initially, I thought I might faint. I am not a serious meditator, and after a few days, it disappeared. I was pregnant when I saw the spiritual eye and after my pregnancy, I could not see it anymore. Was it related to pregnancy or was it something I already had?

—Krishna veni, Usa


What a beautiful experience you were given. Yes! The spiritual eye is something that has always been available to you and you can continue to see it!

Hold on to the blessings of that experience with love and gratitude. What a gift in your pregnancy for that little soul!

The extra energy in your body during pregnancy might have been a reason for the blessing of seeing the spiritual eye. But that same energy is there for you now. It is the same energy that is generated during meditation from the deep spine by our dedication in the practices. Tap into that same energy. Develop that resource in meditations.

The spiritual eye, when seen in its most perfect form, will bring with it a lasting joy and peace. It is a golden halo or ring around a circle or tunnel of indigo or blue color. In the circle’s center is a small silvery-white, five-pointed star. We see the spiritual eye most refined when we are focused and concentrated.

We see it naturally in meditation when our attention is brought to the point between the eyebrows with our breathing techniques. Continue with your efforts in meditation and eventually, the spiritual eye will be there as a blessing for you every time you sit in meditation. Do your best and never give up trying. Always invite God to guide and bless you.

Many blessings on your efforts.