Should I Change Jobs?


I have been feeling dissatisfied in my job due to a low package as per market standards and a perception of credibility. I am otherwise blessed to earn and save decently and have a supportive family. Is it wrong to leave the otherwise comfort zone of such a job and look for a new one where my family and I once again will have to adjust to shift timings, travel, etc. or should I stay there as long as I am being paid since Master said that the 10% hike (which you think will bring satisfaction) never comes.

—Tanya, Indi


Dear Tanya,

Our soul knows we will never find everything we desire in this world. The job we hold is usually a central way we serve and can be a central way that the ego clings to identifications. Selfless service (unattached to outcome) through the avenue of our employment is the right way to understand our work.

Seeking reinforcement of ego desires and identity through our work role will be forever unsatisfying. Once a desire is fulfilled another crops up almost immediately. Truly, if your job is giving you sufficient financial support, is a fit for your abilities, and works well for your other personal commitments you might want to ask yourself what you would gain by changing jobs. Sometimes, although comfortable in our job, we become aware that our dharma, that which is our spiritual duty in this life, lies elsewhere. This may prompt us to move into another area of service, which actually may not yield personal benefits such as increased income or prestige but may be an important way that we are meant to serve. If this is the case, we often experience an expansive feeling of calm and ‘rightness’ about the decision rather than anxiety and questioning. Do you think the job change you contemplate falls into this category? Take these questions into meditation and you may find guidance about whether or not it is right to seek new employment.

Many Blessings,
Nayaswami Mukti