Should We Reject the Beauty of this World?



I have been reading Paramahansa Yogananda’s wise and beautiful words and have some lingering confusion. How should I look upon the beauty of this world right now, as a spiritual climber of Kriya yoga? Am I to be dissatisfied or doubtful, as the beauty I see with these two eyes are but an illusion compared to the Ever-Blissful God? Everything is God, I embrace the fact that I am nothing. But I still feel sadness if I am to see the beauty I see now simply as illusion.

Thank you dearly

—David Chen, United States


Dear David,

When we discover the beauty and love of God from within we more easily see both in the world around us. God didn’t create this world that we reject and hate it as a delusion. Our goal is to pierce the veil of illusion and then we can enjoy this world as God intended. The beauty of this world is an echo of the love and beauty of God. In this St. Francis of Assisi showed the way. Most people, however, enjoy the beauty for its own merits alone and then despair when it turns ugly. The devotee, however, sees all as a manifestation of God, some of these manifestations do so more purely than others. I hope this offers some hope and understanding.

Nayaswami Hriman