Signs of God’s Love


Hello! My question is.. I devote myself to a life with spiritual expression, in daily meditations do in kriya yoga, to have the mind in white, to be always a comprehensive and pacific person, to help the others in his problems.. With all this way, I have felt very in peace, but I read of form important in the way of the kriya yoga, that the most important thing is the love to God and his prayer.. But if I do not have this love to God..And I am not sure of his existence, am doing badly? Confused

—Rosario Di-zeo, Italia


You have a very sincere and beautiful question that at sometime every devotee asks.

The love you feel for God, already, is a precious gift and the greatest gift for spiritual progress. If you haven’t felt God’s response to your prayers you, possibly, have yet to seek Him in quite the right way. Ask for God’s grace and help and remember, patience is the quickest way to God.

Anandamoyi Ma said to Swami Kriyananda when he was visiting her in India, “There is no love except God’s love.” It is a reminder that we truly love others only to the degree that we do so consciously as instruments of God’s love. This confirms that you are in God’s love, as you strive to help others, as you try to do already.

Also, God tests us at times and seemingly holds back that connection we pray for, to see if we have determination and willingness to never give up. The tests we face are really always blessings. If nothing else, they inspire us to keep that one divine priority fixed ever before our gaze. Everything else passes. Our relationship with God is eternal. He is our own.

Many signs of God’s love are given to everyone who seeks Him with devotion. Having trust is the key to seeing these signs in our lives. He will give us what we need. He eventually will purify our heart of every desire except our longing for Him. Then we will receive the supreme gift: Himself. It is man’s common destiny to achieve this state.

In the language of your heart ask for His guidance, help, grace and ask for devotion. Ask God how to pray for His love. That love will come as a wave of peace or joy — that will be His reassurance that He is there for you.

Many blessings on your efforts.