Sounds of the Chakras


Om guru

I practice Hong sau and om technique and I am listening sound in my right ear which is similar to fast bells not single bells means a sweet sharp sound which is fast first I thought it would be of crickets but I am confused.i do hear it when I am in silence or read or think of master and even as I close my ears I listen this sound from last 4 months I am listening this so please tell me on which chakra I am

—Laxmi ranga, India


You are very blessed and having some beautiful connections with God through sounds of the chakras. The sound of bells is from the 4th chakra or heart chakra, The sound of crickets is from the 2nd chakra about an inch and a half above the base of the spine. It sounds like your energy is moving between the two chakras depending where your concentration is during the Om technique. The goal is to practice raising your energy and getting accustomed to being at the Spiritual Eye or 6th chakra to hear Aum. So what is happening is wonderful.