Spiritual and Material Success with Abundance


I have left my job and serving my notice period. By the side, I am a Kriyaban. To my understanding, I am in love with the path of spirituality and enjoy every second when in Ananda Sangha. I will have to take up another job just because I am not financially independent and need money to borne my expenses. But my mind and will doesn’t let me think about it. Hence, I need guidance how to take a decision. Go with my will, mind & heart towards spirituality or think practically think about the expenses?

—Ankita, India


Thank you for your sincere question. A short answer is that both directions are dharmic and needed. If you are not financially independent and need income for your expenses, it would not be sensible to stop earning money. On the other hand, being satisfied by living a simple life and expressing your ideals, rather than having lots of money and worries without end, leads to what you seek — the “Kingdom of God”. At the same time, there are many saints and wandering sadhus who immerse their conscious only in search for God.

To paraphrase Paramhansa Yogananda, “Without God, life is a nest of troubles. With God, life is joy.” The secret to finding fulfillment in your work, is to do all with joy, non-attachment to the results, without self interest and with an attitude of even-mindedness. See “work” as a service to others and a devotion and you will find the satisfaction you want. Always remain centered in the Self and do what must be done with the right attitude.

The universal precept of nishkam karma (desireless action) tells us that in taking action in the world, as our bodies and necessity demand, but remaining unattached to success or failure lies the answer. This type of action allows us to live on earth and to perform all duties only to please God. Such a person lives on earth with Divine approval and great inner satisfaction — thus devoid of all “reincarnation-making desires” — and becomes liberated in God.

Even though it may be difficult for a person to know what his life’s duties are, still, if he lives rightly, the voice of his inner conscience will guide him to the right action that he should do in everything. Essential to this process is the practice of meditation, which truly gives the answer. Through this regular practice of meditation we come more quickly to understand the perfection that helps all our actions become pleasing to God.

To keep the priority of the soul’s journey heading toward freedom, the Bhagavad Gita promises rewards far in excess of our efforts. Also, there is reassurance in the beautiful quote of the Bible “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all else will be added unto you.” These are just two of the many promises of Divine assistance and protection.

We must at the same time fulfill duties to self and serve others. Never keep or claim the fruits of your labor as your own. Share with others less fortunate than you, which brings blessings of spiritual and material success in abundance.

Pray and meditate each day for guidance. Never mind how long it takes, guidance will come when you have learned the lesson that this test, of making a decision on your next step, is providing for you. In the language of your heart and with gratitude for all you have already, ask God for His help and guidance. Your sincerity will guide you to His answer.

Many blessings on this opportunity for growth,
Nayaswami Hassi