Spiritual Eye


I am a 47 year-old male suffering from chronic depression. Recently, my spiritual eye got blocked while seeking treatment from a traditional healer. This made my life turn from bad to worse. My concern is whether by practicing Kriya Yoga I can reverse or mend some of the damage done.

—Farnasudeen, Malaysia


Dear Friend,

I am very sorry to hear about your experience and the results of seeking treatment from a traditional healer. Be cheerful! The spiritual eye and astral body is always with us. I suppose if that treatment involves taking herbs or medicines which might be interfering with your concentration (and meditation), you might consider stopping that treatment.

Here are some suggestions to try and experiment with in order to bring your focus back to the point-between-the-eyebrows:

1. Relaxation is the key. Strain and tension defeat the ability to focus clearly and with joy at the spiritual eye.

2. Energization exercises? Do you do these exercises that Paramhansa Yogananda gave to us to do before meditation? If not, I highly recommend that you take a few minutes before meditation to practice — even if just five or ten minutes to begin with. (They can be found on YouTube and on the Ananda Meditation App)

3. Start by focusing in your heart. “Breathe” in and out through the heart and do some simple breathing exercises as you have been taught to use before beginning kriya. Also, include “watching the breath” with the Hong Sau mantra. Take your time! Relax! Enjoy!!!!!

4. With eyes open, look up! Hold that position of the eyes for a few seconds. Then repeat, holding it longer each time. Never strain or go past your comfort level.

5. Now, do the same as above but with eyes closed. Touch with your forefinger of your right hand the point between the eyebrows that seems the most comfortable and natural. Do this and #4 periodically throughout your day.

6. Do a few practice kriya breaths: short bursts, that is. (I can’t say much more in an open letter like this).

7. Do only a small number of regular kriyas (perhaps just 14).

8. Sit in the silence with your “guru by your side!” Talk to him and then listen for his “answer” as a vibration or feeling in your heart. Thank him for His blessings and ask for guidance in your life and blessings in the lives of your family and friends.

Take your time. All will return to you if you keep up your practices! Jai Guru!

Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA