Where is the Spiritual Eye Located?


Once during my meditation, I saw very clearly, a round blue circle, nothing else, just a dark blue circular object. How do I know if it was the spiritual eye, although seen imperfectly, that is, without the gold outer ring or center star, or if it was the dorsal chakra, that I saw?

—Frank, USA


Dear Frank,

The astral light(s) are seen at the point between the eyebrows. They come in an infinite variety of colors and shapes. These things are completely normal even if the spiritual eye, as such and in its essential form, doesn’t appear clearly. But it does exist and it appears according to the spiritual needs, the deep focused relaxation and concentration, and karma of the individual.

Patanjali suggests that we use such a phenomenon as a focal point for concentration in meditation. It is also helpful to establish an attitude of devotion, receptivity, and appreciation: a relationship with the astral manifestations that acknowledge their divine origins, in other words.

Be not attached to such things, however. The graces and consolations of meditation and the spiritual path are gifts to help us along the way but they are but signposts, not ends to be sought for their own sake. Okay?

Blessings to You!
Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA